Three Adinkra Symbols


On Friday 29th and Saturday 30th of April the local Table of Hope project team went to North, South, East and West in Atimpoku and Akwamufie. There they had conversations with willing participants and invited them to write their words of hope on old wood with markers.

From these harvested stories and thoughts on May 1ste we built the Table of Hope Ghana. Local carpenters glued the pieces of wood together into two round tabletops, supported by a steal constuction. The words are hidden and will hold the collective dreams forever sealed in this table.


Day 1 _Conversations in Atimpoku


Day 2 _Transporting the wood across the river Volta to Akwamufie

3 day funeral ceremony in Akwamufie

day 3_ building the table at the Kings Palace in Akwamufie

IMG_2883IMG_2886 IMG_2941IMG_2986IMG_2924

Oiling the finished table


SOME QUOTES written inside the Table of Hope


Think twice and don’t rush in life /

No hope, no future /

Stop complaining always, remember that there is someone out there who is more happy with less than what you have /

I want the eating habit of my people to change because they normally eat late in the night which makes them fat and fall sick always /

Money may be good, but it is the root of all evil /

One is not ONE without the other /

Don’t live your life to impress others. Live your life to impres yourself  /

Born again African. To value Africa and its resources. Natural and human resources /

Improvement of the community /

Want my son to become a minister in future to help the government to construct roads and to help orphans, slaves and street childeren to be edcuated /

I Hope to become a soldier to protect my nation, to prevent my people from death, to grow healthy due to day by day excercises /

The stomach has no holiday /

Social enterprise is a great & powerful tool for development /

I’m the most happiest man and also I hope that human beings will be social and friendly too /

Support for the youth, a better tomorrow /

I hope to become a teacher to teach students that don’t know /

I would love to become a renowned actor. My dream is to use that platform to preach against corrupotion and to give hope to those in remote areas never to look down upon theire selves. They should rather strive hard to make their dreams come to a reality /

Necessity is the mother /

In life we should learn from each other. I believe in humility /

Life is hard hence, the adults must mentor the youth for a better future /

No food for a lazy man, hard work pays /

I hope to coach his team to transfere Ghana into an other country /

The leaders should make good use of our resources to make the country develop /

There should be peace to move the country forward /