The Table of Hope Project is a Creatual in which members of a local community are invited to co-create and build a table. The table is made of local wood on which the participants write their hope for the future. As the wood passes the participants’ hands, it promotes awareness of the value of our natural resources.Previously, the Table of Hope Project was performed in South Africa and Ghana. We are currently requesting funding for the performance of a Table of Hope Project in Brazil. The expansion into Brazil is important in light of mass deforestation and environmental impact.



The first Table of Hope has been created in 2014 for and with the people
of Cape Town in South Africa. A Creative Ritual of 3 days. One piece of
wood from the Capetown table has been taken off to act as a relay race baton
to go to another city to spread the word of dialogue by creating a new table.

GHANA [May 2016]


The second Table of Hope Ghana has been built in the palace of Akwamufie on May 1.
This monument by and for the people from Ghana has been built of hopes and wishes from the people of Atimpoku, Akwamufie (two towns along the Volta river connected by the Adomie bridge) and of funeral visitors from all over Ghana.