Our mission is to build Tables of Hope one city at a time. Aiming to stimulate dialogue and make interhuman connections before moving to the next city, and then the next city. Thus creating a movement of dialogue worldwide

When the table is built, it will function as a platform for dialogue around today’s issues. It can serve as  a shrine to treasure and honor the collective thoughts hidden inside. People can gather to eat, play, discuss and do their rituals at the Table of Hope.

Not top-down, but bottom-up thoughts and calls of what people hope and live for. People solutions and intentions on issues that mankind has been dealing with from the past, coping with today and having to live with in the future.

Power, slavery, colonialism, racism, discrimination, war, travel, trade, economy, climate change, water, food, agriculture, health, poverty, consumption, consumerism, overpopulation, migration, etc.