A Table of Hope connects handwritten hopes, dreams and thoughts of everyday people.

A co-created art piece that becomes a moving table for dialogues of good hope: It brings topics to the surface and then seals them again forever. One table, one place at a time, one movement will start to stir up good dialogue worldwide.

Its a real table made from wooden planks glued together and at the same time it serves as a symbolic statement of hope for peace and stability. Consider it a metaphor encompassing the idea that we should all sit at the same table, partake of life together and listen to one another.


This project was initiated by Meike Ziegler. She call’s it a Creatual  for the world.’
Creatuals was founded in 2009 by Multimedia Designer Meike Ziegler. It is a project-based organization. Creatuals are creative rituals which are injected into corporate or personal environments, and even entire communities. A Creatual is a combination of participation art and social design. Guests and locals are invited to participate during the execution of the tailor-made Creatual. The aim of Creatuals is to trigger new rituals within a local community, an organization’s culture or an individual’s outlook on life. In such, the Creatuals experience is both artistic and spiritual. It leads to fundamental and sustainable change.

PLAN 2017