Ana Lima approached Meike Ziegler to partner with Creatuals and have the Table of Hope in the Cerrado as a symbolic and powerful mean to include the voices and hopes of the local communities and producers in the dialogues that discuss the future of the biome. Particularly those from Matopiba, the most vulnerable region.

LAB is the key consulting company to host and coordinate five different multi-stakeholder platforms in the Cerrado biome in Brazil to halt deforestation and conversion of native vegetation by co-creating inter sectoral agreements and strategies: CFA (Collaboration for Forests and Agriculture) championed by WWF, TNC and NWF, Coalisão Cerrado (local and national NGOs), Cerrado das Águas (Coffee Growers, IUCN, Imaflora, Government) and GTC – Grupo de Trabalho do Cerrado (Soy Traders, Retailers, WWF, TNC, CI,Ministries of Environment and Agriculture).


Butterfly Works

Butterfly Works is a social design studio working in international development. Its mission is to create a world in which people have a say in the future they want. With a co-creation and design approach, and building on 15 years of experience, Butterfly Works creates education and communication solutions with social impact. It wishes to cultivate the social design movement worldwide and inspire others to become change makers. Storytelling and creativity are powerful tools to create a positive chain of events. Through its projects, Butterfly Works connect people that have different skills, viewpoints and backgrounds. Butterfly Works releases creativity, pushes to innovate and to together find solutions no one thought of at the start.