Think twice and don’t rush in life /

No hope, no future /

Stop complaining always, remember that there is someone out there who is more happy with less than what you have /

I want the eating habit of my people to change because they normally eat late in the night which makes them fat and fall sick always/

Money may be good, but it is the root of all evil /

One is not ONE without the other /

Don’t live your life to impress others. Live your life to impres yourself  /

Born again African. To value Africa and its resources. Natural and human resources /

Improvement of the community /

Want my son to become a minister in future to help the government to construct roads and to help orphans, slaves and street childeren to be edcuated /

I Hope to become a soldier to protect my nation, to prevent my people from death, to grow healthy due to day by day excercises /

The stomach has no holiday /

Social enterprise is a great & powerful tool for development /

I’m the most happiest man and also I hope that human beings will be social and friendly too /

Support for the youth, a better tomorrow /

I hope to become a teacher to teach students that don’t know /

I would love to become a renowned actor. My dream is to use that platform to preach against corrupotion and to give hope to those in remote areas never to look down upon theire selves. They should rather strive hard to make their dreams come to a reality /

Necessity is the mother /

In life we should learn from each other. I believe in humility /

Life is hard hence, the adults must mentor the youth for a better future /

No food for a lazy man, hard work pays /

I hope to coach his team to transfere Ghana into an other country /

The leaders should make good use of our resources to make the country develop /

There should be peace to move the country forward /

Only trees have good air to breath. Why cut them all? /

Nature will teach us /

Ghana has more land and good soil for farming. Need more machinery to develop and supply food for the country /

The youth of Ghana must avoid laziness and seize opportunities in agriculture for a better future /

I wish all bush on the river will be removed for more improvement of fish /

My idea for Ghana is to establish more business and employ more people /

Do not depend on what someone has done. By doing something that person will benefit more than his or hers /

To work hard and cater for my family, education is the key /

My hope is that next year every child in Ghana will have acces to education /

To see Atimpoku become a turism hub, well planned town with high rise buildings and improved standard of living /

We need to consider the environment in all development actions and also in social equity /

I wish our educational system to change to four years period /

I wish my Ghana should be one of the best countries in terms of creating an environement that will benefit each and everybody. Our roads should be tiled through out the country if wishes some true /

Ghana must provide more technical institutions for the young generation /

I believe in creating new rituals based on symbols and ingredients of today and of old traditions. To connect people and time. We are together whole /

On this earth good leadership is nessesity, because on this earth without good leaders there’s no survival      /

I hope that Ghanaians will be faithful with their jobs and cease the act of corruption /

The youth should not be dependent on white colour jobs only for living /

I believe in Mediation on the word of God and hard Work /

I wish I can find real friends I can trust. I hope I will one day /

Be helpfull for the environement which means good education /

No work no happiness /

I would like to be Architect of our community /

I want Akwamufie to develop so that the community would be recognized everwhere /

If you believe in yourself you will get a better life /

I wish to be the government to pay for every bodies education so that we can all grow and be better persons in the future /

Stop driving away nature! /

Peace and unity for the whole nation /

My hope is to have more fun and less worries! /

I am a fish farmer. I hope to be a decorator in the future. To help other people for their wedding parties and making cakes /

I want the government to increase our salaries and buy us text books to educate the students /

I hope the government will reduce the fuel prices. So they will help those who are in need for travel /

Preseverance is a bridge through which difficulties are over come /

Health is wealth and patience is possesion /




I want the eating habit of my people to change because they normally eat late in the night which makes them fat and fall sick always /

I Hope to learn to come out with the best in me /

I would like to tell my friends to never fight but talk and solve te problems toegther. Life is too short to argue /

I believe in a better world if we work together /

We are friends: Charles Dampare, Adu Diop, Obuabi Emmanuel, Taky Emmanuel, Elizaabeth Bupur /

Peace love and understanding leads to development… Impregnate your books and come out with the best /

Let’s build together. Not just tables but also a better life for all too /

I hope my dreams for my future should be good and to have patience for the poor and needy people in the community /

I wish for the Ghanaians to be proud of their great dancing talent. They live the Rythmn /

If you cannot manage time the you cannot manage life /

We must help others to climb instead of pulling them down /

My hope is to get conducive classrooms in future so that learning can be easier for kids /

No development without peace, love and understanding /

The youth of Ghana should struggle and work hard for a better future /

Grow commodity trading to develop the agricultral sector /

Education is the key to success /

Winnners don’t quit, quitters don’t win /

I wish my community will stop overloading cars to avoid accidents /

I wish our electricity would be more stable /

To attain a higher degree of hope /

My hope is to make things myself if really only I could do it /

Learn hard and finish easy /

There is nothing we can do without Christ /

Quick temper leads to destruction /

Greatful for what we have and can achieve in life if we love and accept each other /

I would like Ghana to help the farmers to produce more rice and food so keep the import taxes low and to be proud of taking care of our selves. So more independent from the world /

Its good to train a person how to fish than to feed the person always /

He who will be in comfort, finds not comfortability /

I want to become a nurse in the futur and save peoples lives /

It’s good to train a child the way he should go, so that when he grows up he will not depart from it /

I hope to become a teacher to educate people how to develop their self identity /

There should be unity and true way to fighht against violence in Africa and avoid violence /

We love Nana Boadu. Thank you for helping us realise the table! /

I hope there will be a new hospital in my community to promote health /

I have travel experience and its good to be home because ghana is a free country /

I believe we need a more clean environement to avoid diseases /

Putting my dreams and designs on fabrics and show it to the world. No corruption /

To educate the childeren as well as the society /

We are proud of our cultures but I believe we should bring development through diversification of culture /

My dream is to one day see my kingmakers become united so as to enstool kings without conflicts /

My dream is to help technical institutions how to diagnose modern vehicles /

I aspire to contribute to Ghana’s development through loyal negotiations /

Anger is bad. Dump it or controle it. Follow your positive heart /

Learn to come out with the best in me /